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But his absence has said it – he doesn’t worry you might lose interest in him; He doesn’t mind if he will not see you again. I know you want more and you certainly can get more.

Our members are looking to meet a new partner, simply fill in the Enquiry Form below and we will contact you at a time that you nominate.Margaret, This is a wonderful business, its only my second dinner but for me to ‘get out’ there was nothing short of a miracle.I must say how delighted I am to have found people in the same boat, its amazing we all think we are the odd one out and no one else is out there ……well A Table for 6 surely has provided opportunities and ‘safety’.This is the best way to make sure that the person you are dating is worth your time and energy.It may sound harsh, but why put yourself through heartache when it can be avoided?

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