Dating a renaissance man

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Nine rings crawl over his fingers like exotic Renaissance vines, including an 18th-century Georgian emerald-and-pearl mourning ring, a silver engagement ring and an inscribed gold wedding band given to him by his boyfriend, a diamond-and-enamel memento mori ring from Codognato, a gold lion's head from Gucci's last men's show, and a Bourbon-era red crystal ring that his mother bought for herself with her first salary.

Dressed simply in jeans, a white T-shirt, and Gucci tasseled loafers, Michele looks more like Chris Robinson on sabbatical in a Venetian court than a man tapped to lead a .9-billion-a-year fashion empire.

James Bradburne, director of the Pinacoteca di Brera museum in Milan, was forced this month to rush two 15th century paintings to the museum’s restoration laboratory after a sudden spell of very dry, cold weather shrank their wooden backings, and caused their paint to buckle.Tourists, not to mention most residents, walk blindly by this secret sanctuary all day long, oblivious to the wonder that unfolds behind its giant iron gates. The beauty is hidden and shared between friends and family."Michele first stumbled upon the prized spot more than a decade ago while on one of his obsessive hunts for vintage treasure."Of all the beautiful places I know in Florence, this is my favorite," says Gucci's newly appointed creative director, Alessandro Michele, 42, eyes twinkling as he leisurely soaks up the sweet summer air beside the property's swimming pool. He is now good friends with the sporty, silver-haired aristocrat Serena Torrigiani Malaspina, the marchese's niece, who takes him on joyrides in her golf cart, often serves him dinner, and is a reliable pusher for his ravenous vintage habit."I love collecting objects," Michele says with a big grin.Instead of framing Christ and the money-changers, they are now like a Las Vegas show set, where Shiva and her creatures dance through the palette of a Grateful Dead album sleeve., which airs on Thursdays at /c on CBS and CBS All Access, Joel Mc Hale plays Jack Gordon, a legendary, old-school adventure reporter who's pulled out of the wild and into the office so he can oversee the magazine's digital content department.

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