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coming from a supremely dysfunctional family, I can see why I am the way I am.” His parents finally split when Roth was 17, and shortly after that he joined the Van Halen brothers in a band called Mammoth, which became Van Halen.“In my business, Hope and Faith are strippers from Albuquerque,” he quips cynically.Connect and learn with top-tier entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists at a beautiful location.Experience inspirational storytelling, interactive panels, knowshops, pillowtalks, art installations, live music, and so much more...He signed with Sun Records and became a rockabilly star.In 1958, Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin causing a record boycott but Lewis continued performing and made a comeback.“As far as getting married now, I still don’t think it’s for me,” he admits. I am a wanderer; I was sent to my first shrink when I was six because my parents thought I had autism. The Roth side of the family always settled down later in life.” In the unusually revealing interview, Roth admits his parents provided a poor model for marriage. Those women are now all married and we’re still good friends.” Roth says he is “quite happy” in his current relationship, but he hasn’t exactly turned into a starry-eyed romantic.

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I would sit outside a girl called Laurie’s house when I was in fourth grade and wait there for hours in the hope of being noticed. I was attending Altadena Elementary School [near Los Angeles] at the time.

I would put Brylcreem in my hair and wear desert boots and hold my skateboard.

She must have been terrified, having someone stalk her like that! I had sex with one of the Tahitian dishwashing girls, named Elaine.

Flamboyant Van Halen front man David Lee Roth has a longstanding reputation as a ladies’ man, but in a new interview he reveals that he’s currently in a serious relationship — though he stops short of saying he’s going to settle down behind a white picket fence. “I slept with every pretty girl with two legs in her pants,” he recalls.

“I live in Tokyo and hang out with a girl half my age and it’s no longer a legal issue,” the 57-year-old entertainer tells Australia’s Brisbane Times with a laugh. We are in love and my girlfriend is Japanese.” That doesn’t mean the singer is going ring shopping any time soon. “I have had four great loves in my life, but have never been married or even come close.

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