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It still has more flexible and comprehensive content filtering than any product I've seen, its time scheduler can't be fooled, and it now controls what Android apps your kids can use.” - PC Magazine “The cool thing about [Net Nanny] is that you can actually choose the exact website that you want blocked on your kids phones...

but it goes a step further you can block the type of websites so dating sites, nudity, pornography, tobacco you can block those...

it goes even a step further than that suicide for example you can set it to warn mode and you get a warning if you kid types suicide.

That is super helpful with cyberbullying and everything that is happens in life so common today.” - Jeff Rossen & Fabiana Totoli, Today Show "Net Nanny is the Top Ten REVIEWS Gold Award winner for parental software.

Mr X is occupied with his business, Mrs X loves shopping, and neither really likes to spend time with their little boy Grayer.

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After graduating from Montclair State, New Jersey Girl Annie can't make up her mind about what to do with her life.

When people are leaving through the inner front door, they often turn right (exiting the stage) rather than going through the outer front doors.

While not noticeable from side views of people leaving, his flaw can be seen from shots behind the characters as they leave. there are re-runs on lifetime and i stay up later just to watch them.

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