Ryan ross and brendon urie dating

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everybody was really really fucking pissed off at the video, and he responded to every ask he recieved about it with insults and jokes, clearly upsetting a lot of person told shane they had been abused by their father and what he said really upset them, and this was his reply:(if you have any respect left for shane at this point then please never, ever make any form of contact to me about this because i fucking hate you)on the same day he published this:shane also made a few lovely tweets to/about panic fansgardenburger (from this fandom, hates shane too) was bullied repeatedly by him and received this reply when she pointed it out:shane once compared the fandom to a “bunch of battered women who keep coming back for abuse”, lovely, right?

(thank you someone for submitting it:)he also said this, for no reason, to a girl on twitter the other day:this is what shane replied to somebody i am good friends with when they pointed out how hypocrital he was being:this ask too:and this is just fucking insane what the fuck shane:4 - mocking music tastesi don’t think we really paid attention to this at first, but shane has always insulted people on liking music different to the music he likes.after trashing panic!

FEVER ERAif you have made it this far, i’m proud of you. @jen–ne–sais–quoi, i hope you don’t regret asking for this hahawhen we last left our hero —wait, not that kind of story. follow along with this great masterpost and this slightly more detailed ask) but he was laying the foundation for one. we’re not at the poetic parts yet, we’re still at the super cringey parts. with ,000 and a few weeks, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was born.

when we left off, it was 2004, ryan was 18 and in his freshman year of college. well, ryan was super into a Scene Queen, Jac Vanek.

at the Disco recalls watching the demolition of the iconic Sands Hotel and Casino, the site of so many performances by his idol Frank Sinatra, on the news as a nine-year-old. I remember it so vividly,” the singer, now 29, tells me.

“But Vegas never really keeps old relics or historical monuments. That’s the way it thrives.” That’s the way Urie thrives too, striding forwards with little regard for the way things used to be, rarely looking back.

he seemed okay at first, made a few dumb jokes here and there but hey, we can all live with a bit of stupidity. had ever played a show in their lives, never mind had enough fans to play a secret one. notice here the early signs of somebody who mocks self-harm, depression, disorders and people’s problems!

he told us he was ryan ross’s best friend and business partner. and even more fat-shaming2 - the promises/liesthis is when shane began to promise new ryan music.

You two kept walking down the street until you and him sat down on a bench to rest. You rested your head against his chest with still blushing cheeks."You’re so adorable Y/N."He told you."Stop it. Even though right now you may be in a block, you’ll get through it and put out some amazing work, I know it. You’re wonderful and I love you.” He looks up with his brown eyes red and puffy. “I love you (Y/N).” “I love you too.”A/N: This ending was sort of bad and I’m not sure if it was too short but I hope it’s okay! By the time his band released their fifth album, Death of a Bachelor, at the start of this year, he was the sole remaining member.Bassist Jon Walker and guitarist and main songwriter Ryan Ross departed due to musical differences during the making of album three in 2009.last time, we were talking about ryan’s career getting started and his college career, but we didn’t talk about his relationships. i honestly don’t care much about her, so i’m not going to tell you much, but if you care, here’s a huge post all about jac and audrey (Audrey Kitching, she dated brendon at the same time ry dated jac) so ryan kind of stalked jac on her livejournal and said a lot of embarrassing and cringey things. much to his dad’s displeasure, ryan has decided to drop out of college and instead pursue his music career. instead of going to their graduation ceremony, all four boys are headed to maryland. all this happened before A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was even recorded.which is where we’re headed now.

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