When to call it quits dating

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So focus on the 'sweet.' Many therapists/self-help gurus/women's magazines, etc.

If deep down inside you just want out, the end is inevitable. If you're in the grip of an emotional or sexual affair, you won't see clearly to make this decision.

We see each other once a week, which is largely my doing. He has also assured me that he is not seeing or sleeping with anyone else. Secondly, I feel that he is far more indifferent to me, than I am to him.

I'm working and in grad school, and for the next couple of months, that is genuinely all the time that I have. The conversation is always good, and is what made me interested in pursuing things with him in the first place. On the other hand, I don't want to act clingy or paranoid.

We text occasionally, and chat on the phone very infrequently. Although he answers my texts, he rarely initiates them, and far less frequently now, then when we first started seeing each other. When we see each other its nice, and we enjoy each others company. I also don't want to end something which might have potential, without a good reason.

I have been known to jump the gun before, and am trying to cultivate patience.

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