Who is wwe john cena dating bi rachial dating

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– It appears as if John Cena will be back to WWE in time for Independence Day.

Cena is advertised for the Smackdown taping at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona on July 4th.

He suggested we go back to my place for some hot, sweaty… At this point I’d normally say that the story goes “off the rails,” but that kind of implies there were any rails to begin with.

Basically what happened was, I got taken to detention, which looked a lot like a jail cell, escaped through the sewer pipes, and found my way back to class. Cena told us we all had to go on a field trip, which happened to be in the sewer.

This may end any speculation that John Cena is romantically involved with WWE Diva AJ Lee, as the two continue teasing their on-air relationship each week on Monday Night Raw.

Now, it seems, reports that the star professional wrestler was caught on a date with former Diva Nikki Bella.

I slide into the ring and I look into the massive audience and the first person I see is my mom. I just ran out the ring and hugged her and gave her my hat because I didn’t know, like she shouldn’t [normally] be there.” Nikki Bella: “Yeah, you know I never actually would have thought that he would have proposed in front of all those people… But maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised: the game is called You play Fucco-san, the newest John Cena at John Cena High School.When you arrive, you quickly meet your first friend: I was already feeling ready to bail on this game. Things go fairly smoothly until you meet the school bully, Johnny Cena.But, as the man himself tweeted: John Cena lets you know where to go for your first class. It’s the same photograph of John Cena, but with a red anarchy symbol painted on his chest, and mean eyebrows drawn on his face. I chose to fight him — I figured my odds were probably even, since I also was John Cena. On my next time through, I knew not to try to fight the bully and picked “run home like a big baby” instead.This seemed to work, and at school the following morning, I learned that the John Cena prom was coming up the next day.

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