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The answer, of course, is easy: Appearing on TV is in itself its own free press.

With the third season of Nathan for You premiering tonight, we've ranked all of Nathan's business ideas, from the most disastrous down to the least. Fame: This particular gambit — driving business to a Los Angeles souvenir shop by tricking potential customers into playing the role of “paying customers” in a movie that doesn’t actually exist — involved several levels of graft on Nathan’s part, including selling fake Johnny Depp autographs from Depp impersonator (and regular) Ronnie Rodriguez.

Credit: Photo by Daniel Riordan Araujo Eastern Asia, Western Asia, Japan, Beringia and even Europe have all been suggested origination points for the earliest humans to enter the Americas because of apparent differences in cranial form between today's Native Americans and the earliest known Paleoamerican skeletons.

Now an international team of researchers has identified a nearly complete Paleoamerican skeleton with Native American DNA that dates close to the time that people first entered the New World.

Nathan gives the owner enough rope to hang himself, granted, but after seeing Andy’s sense of self-possession in trying to make this scheme a reality, it’s inarguable that he’s the victim of his own greed. Marky Sparky Toys: There are some business owners that Nathan just flat-out rubs the wrong way, and Marky Sparky Toys owner Mark Rappaport is certainly one of them.

We’re not here to judge, though; we’re here to improve a struggling business.

As a man, it’s hard to imagine how women can muster up the courage to actually meet up with a strange man they’ve met on the Internet, and it’s with this in mind that Fielder pitched his idea to the Dating DNA CEO: assigning a “daddy” to women on dates so that they feel safe around Internet strangers.

The obligatory glaring problem with this one is that the “daddy” concept ends up being creepier than your average Internet stranger.

Fielder is ready for the CEO’s objection, however, and gets him to agree based on the principle that it wouldn’t be wise to oppose anything that could make women feel safer. Fielder pulls out all the stops to make this one pay off, which isn’t surprising considering how doomed the idea is—the more ill-fated the scheme, the harder Fielder will work to make it happen.

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